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Next Step: Choose A Session

Next Step: Choose A Session

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Selected Joymind Clinical Hypnotherapists

All of our Hypnotherapists and Coaches are highly educated, vetted by the Joymind founders, degreed, and/or certified. After checkout, our Concierge will recommend the best Hypnotherapist to work with based on your issue and personality.


  • Does Hypnotherapy work, is it effective? Hypnotherapy is more effective than traditional therapeutic modalities. When combined with deep knowledge & life experience, Hypnotherapy becomes a guiding force.
  • Is Hypnotherapy safe, can it heal? Hypnotherapy is safe, you experience it every day. You zone out driving listening to music and miss your exit. You are working on something and the time just flies. With JoyMind you enter a healing zone & accomplish new goals.
  • Is the Hypnotherapy session recorded? Yes, you may request a recording so you can listen to it over and over again cementing new positive habits into your subconscious mind.
  • Do you accept HSA & FSA credit cards? Yes, we do, purchase a session and use your FSA or HSA card.


We are excited for you to experience a transformational breakthrough Hypnotherapy session with Joymind. Experience relief and new positive change and if you are not absolutely satisfied call us within 7-days of your last single session for 100% of your money back.


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Book a free phone consultation to see how hypnotherapy can help you. If you need financial help, please ask for a special rate.